Solutions provided by Fundi Finance

The Fundi Finance Protocol is designed to offer solutions to all the beforementioned real-world problems:


Fundi Finance will allow investors to purchase fractional ownership shares in exchange for receiving dividends, allowing owners or projects, to raise needed capital while retaining ownership. These shares are liquid and easily traded in secondary markets for the value of dividend returns they might offer. Our platform's asset liquidity is created by 'permissionless' global access, asset fractionalisation, instant exchange, and peer-to-peer transactions.


Fundi Finance's platform is built for global markets. A project LLC can easily set its funding value. If a project needs $500,000, they can set shares (tokens) @$50 each and sell 10,000 fractional shares, opening the doors to retail investors from across the globe. With this method, investors and developers benefit from a more liquid and available finance hub.


Our platform achieves instant, secure, frictionless, transactions at a low cost which, at the current price on BSC is $0.14c per transaction. Fundi Finance platform will provide a cross-chain service to ensure that the platform can evolve with the market. We aim to ultimately create the most scalable solution for transactions and find the best blockchain to suit this.


We will be able to provide a low-cost option to raise funds for real estate projects, low-cost transactions for all, and low-cost thresholds for investors to find secure investment in real estate. The platform also offers a DAO governance system, to save costs on managing each project. With the correct procedures achieved, each project’s tokenisation ownership can be acquired by the exchange of a token and NFT, eliminating the need for many documents requiring signatures, notarization, submission, and approval; the blockchain-based structure can stop this process.


Fundi Finance's platform is a public market, with low-cost thresholds for real estate securities. There are no constrictions to the growth of interest. Investors from outside jurisdiction can now send, purchase, and invest funds into project LLCs. With very affordable and scalable transaction costs, investors can secure investments, instantly. Fractional ownership can be reserved and tradeable 24/7 on the blockchain with data on IFPS, creating a massive demand for secondary digital markets to trade a project LLC securities token, on the intrinsic value of their dividend yield. Furthermore, the Fundi platform provides a public marketplace connected to a secure decentralised payment system, simply by connecting to the Fundi Finance decentralised web app. You are free to invest in real estate projects or raise funds for a real estate project.