What is Fundi Finance LLC

Abstract of Fundi Finance LLC (in foundation)
Fundi Finance is a system for a tokenising property in the UK/ EU/ USA that retains all legal rights and protections provided by traditional real estate ownership. This system is structured around Fundi Finance LLC (“FundiFinance LLC” or “Fundi Finance”), a Georgian limited liability company (“LLC”). The Project functions as an intermediary between investors, developers, and real estate or land assets.
Ownership of such assets is tokenized to unique BEP20 tokens (“Security Tokens”) on the BSC blockchain, each of which represents an equity share of ownership interest in independent "project LLCs". These will be created for each asset on the Fundi Finance LLC platform, and accordingly, in any real estate asset owned by the project LLCs. Ownership of a project's LLC security tokens gives an indirect ownership interest in the property owned by the real estate project LLC. Considering the platform's sole purpose is to allow each project LLC to own one property, the project LLC can be abstracted away; ownership of security tokens to be issued by a project is effectively ownership of the property owned by the project LLC.
The LLC platform will link each project LLC to a unique identification number. Each UIN will represent one project LLC. Each project LLC securities token will carry that same UIN.

Three Reasons why now is the right time for us to offer our Services and Solutions?

1) With the rise of blockchain technology and crypto assets, we believe now is time to be early on the upcoming explosion to real estate assets and securities to the blockchain. It is estimated at $700 trillion in real estate and land assets globally. Imagine unlocking that liquidity for digital finance.
2) The time for evolution has come. Blockchain offers scalable, secure, frictionless, 'permissionless', instant transactions with minimal cost. Business in an instant.
3) The Fundi Finance platform can save businesses, developers, investors and ordinary people billions of dollars a year, reduce bureaucracy and middlemen fees and remove high entry thresholds that cut out retail investors. Secure liquid real estate funded for equity and backed by real tangible assets.

Our Focus Areas

  • Real Estate Tokenization
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Real Estate Launchpad
  • Consultancy
  • Real Estate Management Investment Hub
  • Bridge for Cefi and Defi

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